Our character

In the centre of the restaurant is one of the emblems of Pizzería Plaza, our original bar.

Spectacular salads

Our salads made ​​with the freshest ingredients.

A cozy corner

Our cozy and modern decor invite you to have a good time with us.

Artisan pizzas

The best wood-fired pizzas.

Very tasty woks

Our woks are another of our specialties. Enjoy vegetables and shrimp or chicken.

Homemade desserts

On our menu you will find a variety of homemade desserts.

The best fresh pasta

We have a lot of varied pasta.

Importante domingo 26 de mayo

Este domingo 26 de mayo de 2019, por motivos ajenos a nosotr@s, solo podemos asegurar que atenderemos a aquellas personas que tengan reserva previa. Para hacer tu reserva, por favor, llámanos al 971 49 07 06. Disculpad las molestias


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