Our character

In the centre of the restaurant is one of the emblems of Pizzería Plaza, our original bar.

Spectacular salads

Our salads made ​​with the freshest ingredients.

A cozy corner

Our cozy and modern decor invite you to have a good time with us.

Artisan pizzas

The best wood-fired pizzas.

Very tasty woks

Our woks are another of our specialties. Enjoy vegetables and shrimp or chicken.

Homemade desserts

On our menu you will find a variety of homemade desserts.

The best fresh pasta

We have a lot of varied pasta.


Spaguetti Bolognesa
Spaguetti Napolitana
Spaguetti Pesto
Spaguetti Peperoncini
Spaguetti Carbonara
Spaguetti with Prawns
Spaguetti Frutti di Mare
Tagliatelle with cream and ham
Tagliatelle Salmon
Tagliatelle egg style with Pesto Prawns, mushrooms and parmesan.
Tagliatelle Manolito
Fettuccini Octopus Garlic, tomatoe, octopus, fettuccini, sweet and spicy pepper (spices)
Ravioli ricotta
Ravioli 3 cheese
Macarroni all arabiata
Cannelloni Rossini
Cannelloni of spinachs


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